Saturday, December 17, 2011

#2 Japan: What My Father and I Have In Common

Doug was in the Air Force, stationed at Yokota AB.
I was a senior in high school.
Yokota was my new home.
This is where I completed school
and became a mother.

Doug Wigley and Kathy Matlock
married Sepember 22, 1981
Doug joined the Airforce in 1980 and we married in September, 1981. I was 17 years old, a senior in high school in Clarksville, Arkansas. The early part of 1982 but not yet spring and at the age of 18 years old I boarded a plane to Seattle, Washington to stay with Doug's Aunt and Uncle until I would take a military hop to Yokota AB, Fussa, Japan to be with my husband. Sometime after I got settled in to my new home with Doug, I signed myself back into school at Yokota High School where I had to take another three months of school past my 1982 Graduation because of required classes the DOD required for me to graduate. Disappointed with missing my original graduation year, I hung in there and completed the classes, graduating January 21, 1983.
While in Japan I was encouraged by Doug to get out and try some modeling and various activities the so called modeling jobs entailed, like cheerleading! Tony was our contact for those activities. He got us involved in being apart of a Japanese soap opera as fill-ins for there scenes, cheerleading jobs for the Nigoya, Japan's Baseball team and cheering in a shopping center. 

Below is a picture Tony took of us. He was, as you can tell, not focusing the camera where he should have been. The lady on the right with black hair is Donna and lounging on her head is Linda. I don't remember the rest of the girls by name but I know they, like me were also Yokota High School students, as was Linda. Donna was older than we were.
Sitting against the wall with a cup of tea is Linda! She is such a sweet and beautiful woman. She and I have recently come into contact with each other. It is so cool to be so close to someone I went to school with, even for just a brief amount of time. Yokota High School was an open campus, so I only had to show for my classes and then I could leave. I really enjoyed the sociology course but the Poetry class.... I could have done without! I was so bored with it. However, I have good memories of my last years of high school!

This is one of the pictures I took of the President of Nagoya's house. We were allowed to walk through the gardens and enjoy the beauty. The President of Nagoya' invited us to dinner at his home and Geisha's danced for us as well. We enjoyed several elegant meals while we were in Nagoya and was introduced to foods I had never had before.
Next is a paper clipping of a cheerleading job we did in Tokyo.

One of the most exciting expierences I had the opportunity to really enjoy was with the making of a Japanese television series called: Seibu Keisatsu, or Western Police. You Tube has some clips of the series but not the one I was on. The series I was on, I played Helen who was the kidnapped girl friend of the leader of the Japanese mob. I was just one of five girls, playing kidnapped Americans by the Japanese mob. This was my first experience with acting and I really struggled trying to speak in English and make what I am saying have passion in the manner they meant for my words to mean when they translated them into Japanese. I think I really frustrated them. Near the end of the show, the mob kills me off with a gun of fire. I had this really tall, handsome Japanese man standing behind me, holding my arms. My job was to start fighting my way out of his arms and as they shot the fire at me, I was to fall on the ground.... this was my death. This part of the scene was a lot of fun! I had gravel in my knee but I gave them the realness they wanted and they liked it.

Here are two comments my husband found from people who watched the show I was on. We haven't seen it yet. If anyone out there can get me a copy, contact me please!

During my unexpected continuation of high school, Doug and I found ourselves to be expecting! It was November, 1982 when I found out. I could no longer continue the activities I was enjoying. So, I was now 19 years old and I spent the next 8 months watching my body change and experiencing this next chapter of my youth.

My being married, pregnant and finishing up my last 3 months of high school unknowingly attracted the attention of a couple of female high school students who wanted to have a baby. Now, I don't know if they actually went through with it but I don't encourage getting pregnant so young. Although I was married and my circumstance was not theirs, I was also still young and my early years of adulthood quickly changed into becoming a wife and a mother. While I loved becoming a mother, your life is not your own anymore. If you are not ready to sacrifice yourself for your child, I encourage you to allow someone else to raise your child or don't have sex. I do not believe in abortion as a way to rid one's responsibilities of creating a life. I won't apologize for it either!
I graduated January 21, 1983.
Doug Jr. was born on July 21, 1983.