Saturday, December 17, 2011

#1 How It All Began

Welcome to my Family Genealogy Site
I am Katherine Joyce Matlock -Wigley, the oldest daughter and second born child to Danny Matlock and Donna Owens. I have two siblings, an older brother Bill and a younger Sister Nellie. I am married to Douglas Glen Wigley. Together we made three handsome, intelligent sons: Doug Jr., Robert and Steve. Doug married Angela Davis and they created my gorgeous granddaughter Brooklyn.

My Father's full name is William Daniel Matlock but everyone called him Danny. Prior to my parent's getting married, my Father was in the Navy. When they married he was already out. I know that my Father had done a tour in Japan and he stated to me when he was in Searcy, Arkansas for heart surgery around 2004 or 2005, after having asked him if we had any other siblings, that we may have a Japanese brother.

Mom was from Colorado and my Father, who was originally from Indiana, had family in Denver. They married August 17, 1961 and divorced September 13, 1966 both in Denver, Colorado. Mom raised her three kids, a boy and two girls without him. She worked many long hours to support us. Like other single Mother's, she did the best she could with what she had to work with. Life wasn't easy and she made mistakes. However, as with all of us, Mom did her best to provide and protect her family, despite the interference of others. She is loved by me very much!!!
Dad in Kyoto, Japan

William Daniel (Danny) Matlock
October 22, 1937, Evansville Indiana
September 13, 2010 Thorton, Colorado

William Daniel (Danny) Matlock and Donna Joyce Owens
  • Married: August 17, 1961, Denver, Colorado
  • Divorced:  September 13, 1966 Denver, Colorado
  • Children:
    • William Daniel Matlock
    • Katherine Joyce Matlock
    • Nellie Irene Matlock

Katherine Joyce Matlock and Douglas Glen Wigley, Sr.
  • Children:
    • Douglas Glen Wigley
      • Married: Angela Michelle Davis
        • Child: Brooklyn Michelle:
    • Robert Lee Wigley:
    • Steven Phillip Wigley: